Greenpoint Sprouts Club original pack is a bit too young for your (not so little anymore) little one. This has been curated to teach kids more advanced gardening skills. They will receive:


- Rubber Plant (in growers pot)

- Terracotta pot and dish

- Bag of potting mix

- Small jar with growing material

- Instruction cards 

- Paddle / Plant Name tag

- Googlie eyes (because they're fun at any age)


You will be required to:

- Prune Rubber Plant to make it grow more bushy

- Propagate by using the cutting and grow new roots

- Transfer Rubber Plant to terracotta pot

- When roots are established on the cutting, transfer into a new pot (or it can join the original plant).


These will broaden the skillset of your eager green thumb and teach them the foundations of gardening all in pots! (No garden required!)


All our packaging is either biodegradable where possible and always recycleable. Flatten out our box as your work station! 


Suitable for ages 7+ (even grown ups). This pack includes small pieces that can be a chocking hazard and scissors are required.