*** Please note - if you would like to receive this gift for the holidays please nominate "Pre-Order for Holiday Season". This will mean the little guy won't be sitting in a box too long and look rather ill on the big day. Orders will be going out from December 7th with Australia Post Express or Sendle. It is recommended that you either give the gift asap (send directly to the recipient) or open the box and keep plant alive for the time being. ***


Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant thanks to those super tasty holes in it's leaves. This plant is just a pup, if treated well the leaves can grow as large as plates and a metre long stems. This does well slightly root bound but to encourage growth repot in 18 months (or when outgrown current size). We love this jungle plant, but remember to rotate weekly to avoid leaning and likes to be sprayed occasionally to increase humidity. 


LIGHT – Indirect and Bright

WATER – Allow to dry


PETS/KIDS – Not toxic but can have side effects if consumed. Avoid.



Included with your plant is the choice of decorative pot, you can pick from Minimalist Cement or Italian Terracotta. Or upgrade to Greenpoint Club’s exclusive, the Conifer planter. Conifer products are made from 100% plant-based material, 3D printed and completely biodegradable. Conifer ensure this product is completely carbon neutral by purchasing extra credits to offset shipping.



Regardless of pot selected, each plant will be transferred into fresh potting mix. Some plants will be in a nursery pot placed in the decorative, some will have a drainage hole and some will not. Do not worry! If there isn’t a hole we have lined the base with either lava rock or clay pebbles, this helps reducing risk of root rot.  



With the purchase of this product, Greenpoint Club has committed to planting a native tree into Australia’s natural landscape. We love our country and want to ensure we are leaving something beautiful for the next generation.



If you like this plant and would like to Grow Your Urban Jungle – check out one of our plant subscription packs starting at only $39 a month.