This kit includes our premium 4L of premium potting mix, lava rocks, Greenpoint Plant Food and Spray bottle. Because when your baby grows up and moves out, you buy them groceries to make sure they're eating well, right?


This is enough for a pup plant (anything between 10-14cm pot) to get to an 18cm pot. Most plants only like moving up a few centimetres at a time. If you are not sure if you should be moving your plant, ask us! 


Lava rock or clay pebbles have been used to line the base of pots without a drainage hole. This does not mean you can drown your plants! Please use the spray bottle provided so you know how much water you're giving them. Yep, another way Greenpoint is saving lives. 


Our packaging for this product is recyclable if you remove the stickers. The stickers have been selected because you can refasten bags closed and it will not lose it's sticky - if there was an alternative, we would use it. Potting Mix comes in a compostable bag that can go into residential green waste.