Why do you need Greenpoint Plant Food? Simple. After 6 months the quality of your potting mix will start depreciating rapidly. To combat this (and avoid repotting more regularly) it's advised to add nutrients to the soil during watering. Greenpoint Plant Food is a good way to keep the roots of your plant drinking, and the leaves bathing in those rays.


Only a few drops of the exclusive Greenpoint Plant Food will help your indoor beauties grow big and strong. We add it to our spray bottle every few weeks and apply straight to soil, but a little leaf spritz will do some good too! Keeps your plants smiling and looking happy. 



  • Seaweed-based, liquid fertiliser specific for indoor plants 
  • Chlorophyll for leaves
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium
  • Micro-nutrients and minerals to improve potting mix and strengthen root system
  • Increase resistance to fungal, insect and disease attacks


$1 of each bottle sold goes to replanting Australia.