Greenpoint Club is a plant and plant care store, designed for those who are looking to create a green home interior space. Our customers have the option of joining the Club and receiving a monthly plant or buying one at a time. 

You will receive our plants looking their best, almost direct from the grower. They make a tiny pit stop through our HQ where they are moved into their pots, using our premium potting mix and sent off to their "forever home". 



Greenpoint only buys what is required. We have a zero waste policy, which is why we have a rotating plant offer. Our packaging is compost safe when it can be and recyclable always.


For every plant purchased, Greenpoint has made a commitment to donate one tree back to Australia's natural landscape.


We love our country. We want to make sure that we are creating sanctuaries inside the home, while we are respecting the land for generations to come. 

Marisa Nastasi, Paediatric Dietitian

"Learning to grow fresh produce is the first step towards healthy habits.... adopt a new way of exposing your children to fruit and vegetables from a young age. Start with gardening – planting and growing different products so your children can appreciate the origins of growth." Read Full Article Here